Ester Oil Nachevi


About us

Ester Oil Nachevi Ltd. offers production and commerce with essential oils, lavender seedlings and dill and fennel seeds. The production assortment of essential oils includes lavender oil, oil of bitter fennel and dill oil – by herbae and seeds.

The company offers development and maintenance of lavender and other essential oil crops, harvesting of production, processing and purchase of raw materials.

Ester Oil Nachevi Ltd. is the largest producer in northeastern Bulgaria with producing over 10% of the lavender oil on a national scale.

Ester Oil Nachevi Ltd. is a small family business, based in General Toshevo dating back to 2001 when the first 20 dca of lavender fields were planted. Initially it starts as an activity, supporting the family budget. During the years the areas with lavender crops gradually expanded by using mainly hand labor.

In 2003 the first tractor was bought for processing own areas.

In 2007 with mutual efforts developed is the first lavender harvesting machine.

In 2008 planted are the first areas with bitter fennel on rented land. Until the end of 2008 the family business is oriented mainly in cultivating essential oil crops and sale of the agricultural production to different processing factories as well as the production of seeds for planting. As a natural continuation of the agricultural activity Ester Oil Nachevi Ltd. is officially registered at the end of 2008, establishing its first powers for distilling essential oil raw materials which closes the production cycle of seeding and planting material, sowing and harvesting to production of the first lavender oil.

In 2009 produced is the first own lavender oil as well oil of bitter fennel. During the years attracted are outside clients, submitting the services of growing, harvesting and processing of essential oil crops. Gradually within the years it manages to impose itself as a trustworthy and reliable partner to its clients and suppliers.

At the end of 2010 starts expansion and modernization of powers, introduced in exploitation in 2011, allowing processing of up to 60 tons of lavender per 24 hours.