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Dill oil (herbae)

High-quality oil of carefully cultivated dill in the arrays of Ester Oil Nachevi Ltd.

Characteristic and application of dill oil (herbae)

Dill (Anethum graveolens L.) is a one-year plant of Apiaceae family.

The dill oil – herbae (Oleum Anethi herbae) is produced through steam distillation of dill grass. It is easily movable, light yellow to yellow with characteristic aroma of dill grass. Main ingredients of dill oil-herbae are α-phelandrene – about 30% which gives the characteristic aroma, limonene about 30% and carvone 36-40%. In its composition there are also α-pinene, ß-mircene, terpineol, delapiol, myristicine and others.

Dill oil (herbae) is widely used in food industry and medicine.

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