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Oil of bitter fennel

High-quality oil of carefully selected bitter fennel in the arrays of Ester Oil Nachevi Ltd.

Characteristic and application of bitter fennel oil

Perennial bitter fennel is of Foeniculum genus, Apiaceae family.

The essential oil of bitter fennel is produced through steam distillation of crushed fruit or silage grass. It is a light yellow to yellow-brown, easily movable liquid with characteristic aroma and bitter taste, freezes at 6-7˚С. Main ingredients are trans-anetol 50-66%, metyl-chavicol 3-20% and fenchone 9-22%. Hydrocarbons in oil are 5-6% - α-pinene, limonene, γ-terpinene, cis-ocimene, mircene and others.

Oil of bitter fennel is widely used in food industry being main raw material for extraction of anetol in the production of liquors, in perfumery and cosmetics for synthesis of aubepine.

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